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Love and Light, that is all.

I’m so tired. Laying on my floor after I’ve just worked a horribly busy day and my feet are sore as all hell. I deleted my previous post, to those 2 lovely souls who commented on it (you know who you are) thank you from the bottom of my heart for your lovely words. Sending lots of love your way! You are amazing.

So, yeah. I am finally unbound from everything. I’m free.

This is weird. I haven’t not been in a relationship since I was 14. I’ve only ever dated 2 people, my first was about 2 years, and this one 3. I’m 19 now. I’ve changed and grown so much and I’m finally just focusing on me. 5 years of giving every ounce of me has been a lot to handle. This is such a great feeling!Talon is still going to be dear to my heart and we actually ended everything super peacefully which means a lot. We’ve both put each other through hell and we are both ready to start our new lives. We are both happy now and that’s what matters.

So here I am laying in my flour. Covered in sweat and powder from work, but I couldn’t be more content.

I don’t plan on any relationships for a verrrrrry long time and that’s a fact. Friends friends friends it is! I’m whole heartedly ready for vacation now. 1 whole week in the mountains starting tomorrow! This will be pure bliss and will truly help me figure out any other missing pieces of my life right now. I’m so ready.


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life is so precious. please don’t let anyone tell you that it is anything but fleeting and fragile, because they are wrong.

tell your friends and family and the people that you couldn’t live without that you love them more than anything. tell them that you need them, and anything that is true.

because we as people are not immortal. we are not invincible. we can lose everything in a matter of moments.

and as we’ve learned the hard way, some lives are far too short to leave anything unsaid.

Well said lady. Hope all is well with you, love you dearly!

I’m so proud to have come this far on a spiritual level with myself. It feels good to feel this clarity. 

Lets go to new zealand then. Lets go on an adventure.

Let’s go! Get lost in the mountains

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Where one place that you want to spontaneously go?

Everywhere! Ha! Honestly, if I had the chance to randomly go wherever I could right now it’d be New Zealand. My heart melts just looking at pictures. My soul aches to explore every inch of this earth

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