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I have a love hate relationship with gaining/losing weight. I gain weight, and I put certain clothes on and they are so tight I feel discouraged. Unflattering.
But, then I look at myself and I love the extra curves. I feel sexy.
Then I put clothes on and I feel gross.
I feel comfortable in hardly any clothes, or lots of layers. Never an in between.
When I lose lots of weight, I’m super confident in the sense that whatever I wear fits, but I lack curves. I don’t have titts so I appreciate that I get curvey in my hips, thighs, and butt.
I’m working on fully just loving me but sometimes I get really frustrated.

I have a serious question, this girl I know I'm crushing on hard. From your blog it seems like you two are alike, creative, bright, gorgeous and so on, how should I express my feelings to her? I think I know what to say, just would like your opinion.

Well first off, thank you! That’s really sweet of you to compare myself to someone you adore. My advice to you is to be straight up and tell her so. You will never get a more accurate answer than when you just tell her how you feel. Be real, and honest. But, don’t get your hopes up either, you never know how the other person may react. They may just want to be friends, and that’s cool. If the feelings aren’t mutual, remember that you liked this person for a reason, don’t be bitter! Keep them as a close friend. Be like shit I’m sorry I just had to know, tell her you don’t want things to be weird, and that you still want to kick it as friends. Now if things go the other way and she says she likes you back, then that’s awesome! Depending on how long you’ve known her I would keep it at the flirty stage. Keep her interested. Wanting more. Maybe ask her out on a date later on if she’s into it. Hangout with her and her friends more, and your friends too. Never rush into a relationship. Whether you think you’re ready or not, a real, strong relationship takes time.

Point blank, be honest. We like it, even if we’re not interested. We appreciate it! I wish the best of luck to you on your journey! Much love

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